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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Q&A: Can You Keep Up?

Q&A time again. You know how this works. Email us at and then we write some kind of response that is informative and entertaining. We know you might be embarrassed by asking, but is the alternative really an option?

Question: I'm in love with sex and all things that pertain to/lead up to sex. So what do you do when your sex drive is doing 99mph and your partner is driving like a Floridian at 35mph in the fast lane? You've tried roleplay, foreplay, sexting, etc. but your partner is still not catching on to the fact that sex once or twice a week just isn't cutting it.

Before we commit ourselves to one person, we generally have an idea of our similarities and differences. Sex is a topic that most people have an understanding of before they enter a relationship or make a commitment to another person. In a situation where the two individuals have differing sexual patterns, the decision must be made through communication and compromise whether both parties' desires can be fulfilled or if one person will lose out. Either way, communication will lead to the resolution because everyone may be able to fake the orgasm, but no one can fake the love of the Kamasutra.

Mr. SR...C: It is quite simple-- if you do not have the same sexual appetite as your spouse someone is more than willing to satisfy the hunger. This could mean a break up is imminent or cheating is on the horizon, but it could also mean that the less hungry of the couple may have to start increasing oyster intake or the more hungry will have to go on a nasty time diet. In conclusion I believe both parties must be close in the amount of “Get Wet” time they desire. Speaking of getting wet…I think I need a check up tonight…I got that motivation….somebody is not going to feel their legs....

The Watcher: Finding the middle ground is important if you want the relationship to be sustained. You must express your needs to your partner and tell them how you would like those needs to be fulfilled. Then you need to listen and hear what your partner needs are and how you can fulfill them. Next find the middle ground. Last, end by telling your partner you don't expect a a drastic change over night but you would at least like to see some kind of effort from them to curb your biological urges.

The Radical: When a customer is truly unhappy with a store's service they will simply stop shopping at that store unless there is a special something there that cannot be found anywhere else. That one special commodity keeps the unsatisfied shopper coming back because there is nowhere else that this one thing is available. Now imagine a store that is only open two days a week. This store has to have immaculate customer service to retain customers. Not only that, but the store must also have that special commodity that the customer cannot get anywhere else in a fifty mile radius. Now apply that to sex.


  1. I love the analogies, nasty time diet, special commodities, hah! Compatability in the bedroom is very important - I think one of the worst things is when two people are together and one of them just really doesn't have an open mind. Boo to that!

  2. laughing SO hard at the Radical's comment. So funny but so true. Wise words!