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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bees: Give the Ladies 13 “Do Nots” for the First Impression

By The Birds and the Bees' Staff

How does every relationship start? “Hello.” Everyone with whom you've been intimate you met first. Ladies, for you, we've compiled a list of “Do Nots” to avoid making a bad first impression. But why wouldn't we compile a list of things to do to make a good impression? Because between the four of us we have four different perspectives on what leaves an impressive impression. Not all of us would have accepted being told that a young lady wouldn't be able to accept an invitation to a party because she had a previously arranged (presumably sexual) engagement that evening. A wise man once said, “That [girl] has no manners.” And now that young lady and the receptive young man are in the strongest relationship since the ending of Date Night. “But that ending wasn't very strong.” Yes, and this one either. Get it?

Anyways, it's much too simple to misstep during your first meeting with a guy. We can't account for all variables, but these are assured things NOT to do to lower the chances of such an out of line footfall. Here's the list as it would be read by one of our staff members (Hint: it's not [Doogie Howser,] MD) :

1. Don't keep staring if you're not going to talk.

I know its usually the man's job to be the aggressor, but, honestly, I know about the suffrage movement too. It's 2011, you can take the initiative too.

2. Don't give me the eyes when your man is in the room. Bad etiquette. Now I'm not a home wrecker, but you put enough blood in the catch my drift.

3. Do not blend in with the crowd.

The beauty of many of the settings in which we meet people is how anonymous we can be to those that don't know us. We let loose and act in the group mentality. Stop yelling as your girlfriends pass you. I understand that you enjoy being out with your friends, but the tribal shriek of excitement is not cute.

4. Do not discuss a heavy topic (i.e. politics) unless you are ready to have a serious conversation and are willing to defend yourself/ No religion or politics talk please.

This depends heavily on the recipient, but until you gauge whether or not this is the kind of guy that refuses to take you seriously if you are only providing small talk avoid such topics.

5. Do not play dumb under the irrational belief that it somehow makes you physically more attractive.

6. Don't wear a skimpy outfit and spend the entire time tugging at your skirt and trying to hide your cleavage. You spent at least an hour getting dressed with the lights on; you knew what look you were going for.

Speaking of which, if you look like a hoe I'm going to assume you're a hoe. Dave Chappelle said it best, "Its like if I wear a police uniform, and you ask me for help, and I say, 'Oooh, I'm not a cop.'"

7. Don't get sloppy.

If you can't handle your liquor, I know you can't handle me.

8. Don't ask me to dance if you're not going to “Back that Thang Up.”

I will only two step to a few songs. Swag.

9. Just because I buy you one drink, don't expect to put all your drinks on my tab.

You haven't earned that privilege yet. Slow your roll.

10. Don't bring up your ex. And even after you actively attempt to not mention him, do not let on that you are still bitter from your last relationship.

If we need to explain the reasons behind this please email us this request. We will formally lay out the full reasons why this is a piss-poor idea and graphically detail how pungent the smell of “BitterBitch” is.

11. Do not let on that you do not suck dick.

This isn't as ridiculous as you assume it is. During your first meeting no guy wants to hear about the sexual limitations you have. Even if you “don't do that,” that is a conversation for a later date. And, frankly, one of two things will cross my mind if you do tell me you don't 1.) To quote Lil Wayne, “I don't fuck with bitches with the stadium!/ That's no dome/ Bitch go home//” or 2.) That's what they all say before they suck dick.

12. Don't ask if I'm going to call you.

Desperation is a clear sign of those losing... habitually. The game is only fun when the other party involved stands as a worthy player.

13. Don't friend me on Facebook and write on my wall the same night we met.

I won't be calling you.

Alright, so possibly we let the most aggressive of us narrate this one for you. The main points still stand. Do you disagree? Or have a corresponding list of what guys shouldn't do when making the first impression? Leave us a comment below or email us at We're always interested in what you have to say...assuming it isn't politics or religion.

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  1. I have to agree that #8 is true for lots of men in the US, but I find it a little disappointing. If I were to do this list in reverse, that would definitely be on it.

    "DO NOT expect a girl to plug her butt to your crotch just because she asks you to dance. Keep those moves for the bedroom.. or the backseat of the car.. or wherever you end up that night."