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Monday, August 22, 2011

Buzzing: Thinking about Sex

By The Birds and the Bees' Staff and The Reader(s)

Since we began this blog we have come to notice a number of things about ourselves, our readers, and the blogging process. It’s understood within The Birds and the Bees’ Staff that comments are a bit of a pain to leave on this website if you aren't a member. We thoroughly appreciate all of your readership, especially when you interact with us via comments or emails. So far a couple readers have given us their personal responses via email to our lists through the lens of the feminine perspective. We decided to post these as individual posts to show our appreciation and give the rest of the readers a little insight into what other readers think.

The Reader(s)'s email reads:
“A - [The Bees: Thinking about Sex] is the best post in a while...congrats.
B - My friend and I came up with a list similar to the one posted under comments and a response to the original.
1. I said he can finish anywhere...I hope he knows that means not my face.
2. Will this interfere with my day tomorrow?
3. I sure hope this condom doesn't break. Wait...I sure hope he put on the condom!
4. What time does CVS open for the morning after pill?
5. What should I wear tomorrow?
6. I wonder what he is going to tell his friends. I hope he knows this hookup has nothing to do with that stupid line he said earlier.
7. Is he watching Sports Center as we fuck? Ha..I said Sports Center like I know what it is.
8. How long will he stay? outfit is going to require ironing in the morning.
9. What should I tell my friends...I'll boost him up just in case I need to use him again. This C + stroke will be a B+ to my friends.
10. I hope he knows that his book of 365 moves won't get past move 5.”

Keep sending us your responses and questions to We do love hearing from you.

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