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Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Link(s) to the Outside World

By The Birds and the Bees' Staff

Today's post is special for a few reasons. 1.) This is a Friday post outside of our usual schedule (we made it special just for you). 2.) This post gives you, the readers, insight into the things that The Birds and the Bees' Staff are reading to stay knowledgeable about the subject at hand. Here's the thing: if you want more of these, we have to know you do. Give us feedback on what you thought of the articles. We are constantly seeking to improve for your benefit, thus we read outside sources constantly. Here's a peek at our reading material.

Hey, Researchers, It's Time to GET OVER Playboy's Depictions of Women” by Michael Castleman via Psychology Today

Media images bombard us in our every day life. Telling us what to wear, how to eat, smell, drink, and most frequently (and arguably most detrimentally) how to be attractive. And researchers are constantly studying how these images effect us on a group and individual level. Here's the catch: what if the images of beauty aren't keeping up with the societal development of a relative view of beauty? This is exactly what Castleman discusses by pointing out how old hat the study of Playboy's notions of beauty are since they are less a tell of societal understandings of beauty and more a show of Hefner's personal opinions of beauty.

Are Online Flirtations Cheating or Not?" By Stacy Kaiser via USA Today

Flirting can now be displayed in various forms nowadays with the advancement of technology. We are not limited to just flirting in person or on the telephone in today's society. Flirting can be in the form of a winking smiley face in a text, a Facebook message or a twit pic. This is helpful to the introverted person who gets cotton mouth when talking in person. However this can be the downfall to many relationships. Flirting online or via text is just as bad as flirting with someone online.

Translate Her Sex Sounds” by Kiera Aaron via Men's Health

This article caught our eye for an obvious reason. Our biggest question is whether this is true enough to make a general assumption. It also leads to the question of what are true signs of faking. We think the article is one that everyone should read in order to gain a handle on a situation that we (as men) often run into- deciphering the Sounds of Love Making.

"There's no Such Thing as a Home-Wrecker” via The Feminine Woman

How can you blame an outside source for infidelity in your relationship? Yes, there are those who prey on women and men in relationships, but then there are those who don't try very hard because the person in the relationship is interested. The point is your partner is cheating. It is your partner with whom you should be mad. We see a future article for The Birds and the Bees here.

We, The Birds and the Bees' Staff, hope you found these articles useful, informative, or at least entertaining. We clearly enjoyed them enough to share. But this is a trial run. If you'd like us to continue this let us know. More and more we realize that we write this blog for our own enjoyment, but its pointless without building an audience that enjoys our work. We want to provide you with worthwhile reading material, so let us know which of these articles was worth your while or if you even want us to continue providing links like this. Feedback. We want it. We need it. But more directly stated: we need you.


  1. good job guys! I like the variety of articles you chose -- both male and female authors, men & women's magazines, popular & not so popular. They were all informative, interesting, and relatable. keep up the good work!!

  2. ok ok Obviously I'm an avid reader of your "column" And I know that what is written is based on your opinion only (not meant to be scientifically supported). Buttt I must say that you guys seem to be choosing articles that support an opinion you already have with other opinion articles. (Aside from Psychology today... which I admit is my favorite website... even though a lot of that is still opinion based).

    For example, I disagree about the home-wrecker article. I think it is 100% correct about boyfriend-girlfriend situations (although not yet a home), but none of us know what it's like to be in a marriage for 30 years and to maybe be in a phase where you're not so crazy about your spouse.

    I think a late 20s/ early 30s woman who preys on a wealthy accomplished older married man who is going through a rough patch with his 45 year old wife (that he likely only has sex with once in a while) is a home-wrecker.

    I think we have this idea in our heads that if you love someone, you will never want to be with anyone else. And yes, I think that may be true in the initial passionate years, but marriage is really hard. I've heard from both men and women who are in healthy long marriages that there are YEARS where you feel like you don't get along with spouse all that much. Especially when you have children, neither of you have time for one another... and you fight almost constantly because neither of you feels appreciated for your contributions. I imagine during those times when someone else seems to find you incredibly interesting and attractive, it is so easy to fall into the trap. But with one mistake, all trust can be lost from a marriage to a point of no return.

    I mean, this is written by someone who does not believe in divorce (98% of the time) and does not believe people should get married unless they are willing to be with that person FOREVER no matter what (aside from abusive situations, affairs, etc.)

    So yes, I do agree with what you all said, but not the article you chose.