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Thursday, July 7, 2011

There is Nothing Sexier than..

By A Member of the Birds and Bees’ Staff

The little black dress, black heels to match and rose-red lipstick combination provides one of the rare moments in time that both men and women can agree on the word “sexy”- other than the moment which will hopefully be following, of course. Women have the uncanny ability to make the term extremely objective and ambiguous; however, many women often feel sexiest and most confident when they are in make-up, walking out from a hair appointment, and heading home to put on the dress that they bought for the specific occasion. Men, on the other hand, seem to fit into categories- intelligent, manly, wealthy, or average Joe- which attract particular women. The same may be said for women, but a wise man once told me that “men are creatures of habit”. Which explains the reason why women are able to attract a variety of men; and, men are only able to attract a specific type of woman. That and the fact that the majority of men tend to describe the perfect woman through a vivid description of their measurements, eye color and skin tone. Therefore, I find it interesting that most women would say they feel sexiest in a clichĂ© outfit such as the black dress ensemble.

There are a couple typical definitions of the term “sexy”. The first of which being defined by what a woman wears, or their level of confidence. The second definition is based on what a woman doesn’t wear, or their lack of confidence. You may be asking yourself or at least wondering why the definition of a word with only four letters could have such a confusing definition, and, still manage to have a significant impact on the dating lives of everyone one at the bar/club. If your answer is, that everyone defines the term differently based on their individual preference, I will not disagree with you; but, I will say that you’re not sexy if you believe in that broad, impersonal, and Websterian answer. I will even go as far to say that there is a universal outfit/trait that is found sexy. With that said, there is nothing sexier than the Truth.

In addition to the high heels, red lipstick, and the classic little black dress, a woman can be as sexy in a hoodie and ripped denim jeans. Women that are not defined by the overused adjective, but do the defining of it are those that know they are the same woman whether they are stomping in their Jimmy Choos or running in their workout shoes. I know that is a little extreme and by no means am I suggesting that a dinner dress with heels is no longer sexy because if my girlfriend showed up ready to go out in one…we wouldn’t leave the house. But to be honest- since this is The Birds and the Bees- if she threw on a pair of shorts and one of my hoodies, I’d be equally as excited to stay home with her and listen to our playlist- on random, level of difficulty increased. When going out on the weekends, it is obvious which women try harder than others and which women are able to enjoy themselves by being confident in their own way. Women that know their true self, display a sense of confidence that can be detected by everyone- including other women; while a woman that dresses or accessorizes to the latest trend tends to spew a false sense of security and self-identification. I’m proud to say that I do not have one male friend that would take a woman’s physical appearance and rate it over their genuineness. Our parents always told us that personality counts. This did not register when we were younger because we (including myself) were busy laughing at them/making jokes about the girl in class that did not have the name brand jeans (looking back, I guess I did learn everything I needed to know in Kindergarten). As you move on from this article and live your everyday life, try to remember that the truth will come out at some point. It’s whether or not it was previously known or a secret that was meant to stay as such, that will make the difference. So for future reference, life changes and people change, but the Truth doesn’t.

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