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Monday, October 17, 2011

Humming & Buzzing: We're Moving!

Good News Readers,

We’re changing locations. With all the trouble we’ve had with commenting etc, and the simple need to strike out on our own to seriously pursue this as something that The Birds and the Bee’s Staff can say is to be taken seriously, we first begin taking ourselves more seriously… and the readers as well.

We’ve moved our blog to A much simpler URL, for sure. The logo segment you see attached to this Blogspot account, the B&B twitter (@Brdsandbees), and even our Facebook page was a teaser for the final move to our own website over which The Birds and The Bees’ Staff will have greater ability to control our blog and more importantly better ability to allow you to interact with and through our blog. This Blogspot will be maintained for small things. We have ideas. But from now on is the new site for The Birds & The Bees Do More Than Hum & Buzz.

So without any further hesitation, we give you! And for those of you that want to skip straight to the inaugural article, MD is bringing you some medicine.

Happy to have you with us,
The Birds and the Bees' Staff

PS - Peep the full logo. The new URL is there too.

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